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September 14, 2022:  A judge ruled that Ohio’s “Heart Beat Bill” can no longer be enforced. We again will provide abortions to 16.6 weeks. Immediate appointments are available.  Please call us for details –

Due to the contributions from generous donors, The NAF (National Abortion Federation).  If you qualify, NAF can cover up to 1/2 of the cost.

   Please call us for details – 419-478-6801


Ohio State law requires the 2nd visit at least 24 hrs after the consultation appointment to actually have either the Medical or Surgical abortion.

Medical Abortion: (the Pill) You may be eligible to have the 2nd visit be by a 15 min Zoom call from a private place of your choosing, rather than returning to the Clinic.

If you are interested in this please click here to see whether you meet the requirements for this option

We specialize in being there when you need us.

Here is how we can help:

Other clinics in the area have long wait times for an appointment.  Your appointment is only 24-48 hours away instead of 2-3 weeks and our consultation will usually last 60-90 minutes instead of 5-6 hours as with other clinics.

We are affordable; only $150 of your total fee is due on your first visit!

We are different than large clinics:

First appointment usually in 24-48 hrs.

Most appointments are only 1-2 hours.

Our waiting area is small and comforting.


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