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Patients First!

Nearly every member of our staff and our physicians have worked for other area clinics and abortion service providers.  We chose to open Toledo Women’s Center because we want to help women make the right choices about parenthood while understanding that every woman’s story is different.  

Every patient deserves an experienced ob-gyn physician with a compassionate pro-choice staff, in a calm and supportive environment — that is why Toledo Women’s Center is DIFFERENT.

How do we measure up with other area providers?

We: understand that your time is valuable and strive for office visits that are quick and efficient. We strive for office visits that are under 2 hours for appointments.

They: Your visits can be up to 6-8 hours for both the first appointment and procedure day.

We: offer a variety of appointment times to fit your schedule.  We strive to ensure you will be seen 24-48 hours after your initial call.

They: You may wait up to 2 weeks for an available appointment.

We: Our small staff consists of compassionate and dedicated healthcare professionals that have over 40 years of combined experience in the family planning field.

They: You may visit a clinic with staff members who are stressed and overworked.

1160 W Sylvania Ave., Toledo, OH 43612